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Welcome to Wassphoto blog

Since almost everyone now has a blog, especially photographers, and because “technically” a blog has become a must for online visibility and exposure, I finally decided to have my own!

For now I’m still testing the blog and because it’s customized to fit my website design, some layout bugs may appear (hopefully not) for the first few posts. So please bear with me.

What I plan to post are mainly updates about my photography services, photoshoots and the weddings I do, and from time to time articles related to photography in general. I will try to keep it short and to the point.

Stay tuned!


Photographer and Owner of Njeim Photography


  • D.G. Coupal

    Great blog!!! And absolutely beautiful pictures! Will definitely check in from time to time to stay informed of your projects! Can’t wait to work with you again one of these days.

  • Lausanne and Wathiq

    Wassim thank you so much for the great and Lovely picture on our wedding. We cant stop looking at the pics all of them are nice and everyone is asking about you… Honestly a big thanx for the beautiful pics we had..